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FENIX Analysis

var Analysis = require('fx-analysis/start');
var analysis = new Analysis({
        el : "#analysis-container",


Check fx-analysis/config/config.js to have a look of the default configuration.

Parameter Type Default Value Example Description
el CSS3 Selector/JavaScript DOM element/jQuery DOM element - "#container" component container
cache boolean false true whether or not to use FENIX bridge cache
environment string 'develop' 'production' Server environment
lang string 'EN' 'IT' Multilingual
catalog Object || false - - Proxied FENIX Catalog configuration. Check FENIX Catalog. `false` to do not render catalog
box Object - - Proxied FENIX Visualization Box configuration. Check FENIX Visualization Box.


//This is an example
analysis.on("", function () {...});
  • analysis.on(event, callback[, context]) : pub/sub
  • analysis.dispose() : dispose the analysis instance


  • : triggered when a catalog is shown
  • ready : triggered when a instance is ready