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    A feature flag (feature toggle) module for Angular 1.

    Quick Start

    cd path/to/local/repo
    npm install feature-tags-ng1 --save

    Access the FeatureTagsService function using a <script> tag in your HTML…

    <script src="node_modules/feature-tags-ng1/dist/feature-tags.min.js">

    Or using a require statement in your JavaScript…

    const FeatureTagsService = require('feature-tags-ng1');


    • The FeatureTagsService assumes a property called feature_tags on the window object in global scope.
    • The feature_tags property must be an object with each flag represented by a key-value pair.
    • Keys are strings. Values are booleans.
    • You can both get and set flags using FeatureTagsService.

    Setting Flags

    Pass an object as the first argument to set a flag:

        key: 'userLoginEnabled',
        state: true

    The key and state parameters are required. key can be any arbitrary string, including an existing flag; state is a boolean.

    When acting as a setter, the FeatureTagsService returns an object containing your key and state parameters.

    The FeatureTagsService always works with a copy of your feature_tags global object. The original feature_tags object is never mutated.

    Gettings Flags

    Get All Flags

    Pass zero arguments to get all flags:

    const allFlags = FeatureTagsService();

    Get One Flag

    Return the state of a single flag by passing the name of that flag as a string as the first argument:

    const flagState = FeatureTagsService('userLoginEnabled');

    Return Code Based on a Flag

    Return any arbitrary code based on the value of a flag by passing the name of that flag as a string followed by the return values for when that flag is true and false:

    const resultOfFlag = FeatureTagsService('userLoginEnabled', whenTrue, whenFalse);

    This is the same as using a ternary operator:

    const resultOfFlag = FeatureTagsService('userLoginEnabled') ? whenTrue : whenFalse;


    Please see for details.




    npm i feature-tags-ng1

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