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FeathersJS Filter UI

an universal configurable filter module that will fire an event and gives you a FeathersJS query that you should apply.

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# yarn
yarn add feathersjs-filter-ui

# npm
npm i --save feathersjs-filter-ui


Mount globally:

import Vue from "vue";
import FeathersFilter from "feathersjs-filter-ui";


or directly in the component:

import FeathersFilter from "feathersjs-filter-ui";

export default {
  components: {

or on any webpage:

<!-- include vue -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- include the filter module -->
<script src="./dist/lib/FeathersjsFilterUi.umd.js"></script>

<div id="app">

new Vue({
  components: {
    demo: FeathersjsFilterUi

As a native WebComponent (WIP, currently not working)

simply include the module into your project and you can use it. Configure it by apply some of the following html-attributes. Then add an eventListener to watch for new querys.

    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <!-- VueJS is not included in the bundle -->
    <script src="" defer></script>
    <script src="~feathersjs-filter-ui/dist/wc/feathersjs-filter-ui.min.js" defer></script>
    <!-- use in plain HTML, or in any other framework -->
    <feathersjs-filter-ui id="filter" add-label="more filter"/>

      document.getElementById("filter").addEventListener('newFilter', (e) => {
        // APPLY QUERE HERE...


add-label add-label="..."

the label of the "add more filter" button.

{type: String, default: "Add Filter"}

apply-label apply-label="..."

the label of the apply button of each filter dialog.

{type: String, default: "apply"}

cancle-label cancle-label="..."

the label of the cancle button of each filter dialog.

{type: String, default: "cancle"}

handleUrl handle-url="..."

should the component update the url, of the window it is mounted, for you or do you wan't to handle it yourself?

{type: Boolean, default: false}

consistentOrder consistent-order="..."

Should the chosen filters always appear in the same order (true) or should new filters be appended at the end (false)?

{type: Boolean, default: false}

filter filter="[...]"

you can use the "filter" property to configure the available filter. The property should be a stringified JSON Object.

{type: Array, default: []}

You can use as many of each type as you want, but at the moment you only have the following filter types.

Options marked with WIP are Work in Progress and are currently not working.


filter for an date range

  type: "date",                             // required
  title: 'Created at'                       // required
  displayTemplate: 'created from %1 to %2', // required ~ %1=fromDate, %2=toDate
  property: 'createdAt',                    // required
  mode: 'from',                             // required 'from', 'to', 'fromto'
  autoOrder: false,                         // optional, default: true
  hideOnSelect: false,                      // WIP ~ optional, default: true
  minDate: (UNIX TIMESTAMP),                // WIP ~ optional, default: today
  maxDate: (UNIX TIMESTAMP),                // WIP ~ optional, default: today
  fromLabel: "STRING",                      // optional, default: "from"
  toLabel: "STRING",                        // optional, default: "to"
  defaultFromDate: (UNIX TIMESTAMP),        // optional, default: undefined
  defaultToDate: (UNIX TIMESTAMP)           // optional, default: undefined

if you set minDate or maxDate to false the related input is hidden.


let the user choose an value for a variable

  type: "select",                // required
  title: 'Class'                 // required
  displayTemplate: 'class: %1',  // required
  property: 'classId',           // required
  multiple: true,                // optional, default: false
  expanded: true                 // optional, default: false
  options: [                     // required, minLength: 1!
    [123, "Class A"],
    [456, "Class B"],
    [789, "Class C"],
  defaultSelection: [123, 456]  // optional, if multiple disabled the first value is applied


let the user order the result

  type: "sort",                   // required
  title: 'Sort'                   // required
  displayTemplate: 'Sort by: %1', // required
  options: [                      // required, minLength: 1!
    ['propertyA', "Sort by A"],
    ['propertyB', "Sort by B"],
    ['propertyC', "Sort by C"],
  defaultSelection: 'propertyA'  // optional, default: undefined
  defaultOrder: 'DESC'           // optional, default: 'DESC'


toggle if an boolean value should be true or false

  type: "boolean",               // required
  title: 'more'                  // required
  options: {                     // required, minLength: 1!
    'propertyA': "Label A",
    'propertyB': "Label B",
    'propertyC': "Label C"
  defaultSelection: {            // optional, default: undefined
    'propertyA': false,
    'propertyC': true
  applyNegated: {               // optional, default: [false, false]
    'propertyA': [true, true],  // false: not true, true: not false
    'propertyB': [false, true], // false: false, true: not false
    'propertyC': [true, false], // false: not true, true: true

applyNegated tells the filter how to query for false/true selections and negates the query according to your settings. e.g. if the user selects true, and you set the property to [false, true] the query is looking for not false resulting in property[$ne]=false instead of property=true.


limit the result to the selected amount of items

  type: "limit",                 // required
  title: 'Anzahl der Einträge'   // required
  displayTemplate: '%1',         // required
  options: [                     // required, minLength: 1!
    10, 25, 50, 100
  defaultSelection: 25           // optional, default: undefined


Theming can be achived using the following css custom properties:

  --md-theme-default-primary: #009688,
  --md-theme-default-primary-on-background: #009688,

Development Setup

# clone repo to your device
> git clone

# go to directory
> cd feathersjs-filter-ui

# install dependencies
> yarn install

Build & Development

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
> yarn dev

# build bundle
> yarn build




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