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For installing Front End Architecture which consist of (Stylus, Pug, Webpack + Babel, Gulp), you must do all at example:

cd /to/project/folder
$ npm i fe-builder
echo "require('fe-builder')" >> index.js
$ node index.js
$ rm index.js

Now you have project tree:

  • public
    • img
    • fonts
    • build
    • css
    • js
    • pug
      • layout
        • layout.pug (Layout for all block with link css to path /build)
      • include (Folder for some included files e.g: header.pug, menu.pug et al.)
      • index.pug (Main html block content)
    • styl
      • vendor
        • bootstrap.styl
      • build.styl (included core.styl from core-ui-framework and bootstrap.styl)
  • gulpfule.js (With tack for transformation pug file to html and image minified)
  • webpack.config.js (With architecture for transform stylus to css and ES6 to ES5)
  • .babelrc
  • .gitignore
  • node_modules


  • Node.js >= 6.4.*
  • NPM >= 3.10.*
  • Webpack 2+


Dillinger uses a number of open source projects to work properly: