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    FDO - Only the Solver

    A finite domain constraint solver, forked from finitedomain, which in turn was originally based on FD.js.

    This package only contains the solver, which only brute force solves the problem. No attempts at optimization is done here.

    Part of the fdq package. See its description for a complete overview of this suite and how to run tests and all that.


    npm install fdo


    Find an A between 10 and 20 that are bigger than 14 and smaller than 17 and not 16. Contrived? Nah.

    import FDO from 'fdo';
    let solution = FDO.solve(`
      : A [10 20]
      A > 14
      A < 17
      A != 16
    console.log(solution); // -> {A: 15}

    For the DSL syntax see the docs in fdq.


    There are a few grunt tasks and bash scripts hooked up to npm. This repo also uses git hooks for pre- and post commit hooks.

    As a general rule, ./build is used for any temporary output, including code coverage reports and temporary build files when producing a dist.

    Then ./dist only contains final builds (./dist/fdo.dist.min.js and for some tasks ./dist/fdo.js).

    Note that both ./build and ./dist are cleared at the start of almost every (grunt) task.

    (These tasks obviously require an npm install)

    Grunt tasks:

    • grunt clean: removes ./dist and ./build
    • grunt build: a direct alias for dist
    • grunt dist: lint, test, build, and minify to produce a real dist build
    • grunt distq: create a dist but skip linting, testing, and code coverage. Also produces a copy in ./dist/fdp.js
    • grunt distbug: creates a build without removing test artifacts or minification. In case you need proper stack traces in other projects.
    • grunt distheat: creates a dist but instead of minification as the last step it beautifies. Used for HeatFiler, a count based heatmap profiler. Copies to fdp.js.
    • grunt coverage: runs all tests in the code coverage tool
    • grunt test: runs linting and all tests
    • grunt testq: runs tests without linting
    • grunt testtb: testq but fail fast
    • grunt watch:q: runs distq whenever a file changes
    • grunt watch:h: runs distheat whenever a file changes
    • grunt watch:b: runs distbug whenever a file changes
    • grunt watch:t: runs testq whenever a file changes
    • grunt watch:tb: runs testtb whenever a file changes

    Bash / npm scripts:

    • npm run lint: run eslint with dist config (slightly stricter than dev). Exits non-zero if it fails.
    • npm run lintdev: run eslint with dev config (allows console.log, debugger, etc). No non-zero exit for failures.
    • npm run lintfix: runs eslint in the fix mode


    npm i fdo

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