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Notification !

Note! This Is a Fca Remake By Koja Babu Facebook-Chat-Api, The Author Is Not Responsible!), If There Is Any Error Please Try Using Another Product!

Support For :

  • Support English, VietNamese !,
  • All bot if using listenMqtt first.

Api Cho ChatBot Messenger

Facebook Already Has And For Users To Create Api For Chatbots 😪 At Dey => Here.

This Api Can Make You Payy Acc Like You Never Have, Please Pay Attention =))

Note ! If You Want To Share This Api Please See The Document At Here.


If You Want To Use It, Download It By:

npm i fca-koja-babu


npm install fca-koja-babu

It Will Load Into node_modules (Your Lib) - Note Replit Won't Show Where to Find

Download Latest Version Or Update

If You Want To Use The Latest Version Or Update Then Go To Terminal Or Command Prompt Enter :

npm install fca-koja-babu


npm i fca-koja-babu

If You Want To Test Api

Benefits For This You Will Not Spend Time Paying Acc And Have Acc Please Use With Demo Account => Facebook Whitehat Accounts.


const login = require("fca-koja-babu"); // lấy từ lib ra 

// log in
login({email: "Gmail Account", password: "Your Facebook Password"}, (err, api) => {

    if(err) return console.error(err); // error case

    // create bots that automatically imitate you: api.listen Mqtt((error, message) => {
        api.sendMessage(message.body, message.threadID);


As a result, it will copy you as shown below: <img width="517" alt="screen shot 2016-11-04 at 14 36 00" src="https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/4534692/20023545/f8c24130-a29d-11e6-9ef7-47568bdbc1f2 If You Want Advanced Use Then Use The Bots Listed Above!


You Can Read Full Api At => here.

Install For Mirai:

You need to go to file Mirai.js, Then Find Line

    var login = require('depending on bot');
    /* Maybe :
        var login = require('@maihuybao/fca-Unofficial');
        var login = require('fca-xuyen-get');
        var login = require('fca-unofficial-force');

And Replace It With:

    var login = require('fca-koja-babu')

Then Run As Normal!


If You Want To Research Or Create Your Own Bot Then Go Here To Read Its Function And How To Use It => [Link](https://github.com/Schmavery/facebook-chat-api#Unofficial %20Facebook%20Chat%

Save Login Information.

To Save You Need 1 Apstate Type (Cookie, etc,..) To Save Or Use Login Code As Above To Login !

And This Mode Is Available In Some Bots In Vietnam So You Can Rest assured!

Instructions With Appstate

const fs = require("fs");
const login = require("fca-koja-babu");

var credentials = {email: "FB_EMAIL", password: "FB_PASSWORD"}; // information tk

login(credentials, (err, api) => {
    if(err) return console.error(err);
    // log in
    fs.writeFileSync('appstate.json', JSON.stringify(api.getAppState(), null,'\t')); //tạo appstate

Or Easier (Professional) You Can Use => c3c-fbstate To Get Fbstate And Rename To Apstate Also ! (appstate.json)


FAQS => Link



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