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A tool to watch / compile HTML files into handlebars-compiled files.


npm install -g handlebars
npm install -g fawkes


  • To create a config file, go to your work repository and type -

    fawkes init

  • Open fawkes.json file and modify path, root, extension where -

    • path is the path to templates folder.
    • root is the path which is to be removed while creating compiled templates.
    • extension is the extension of newly created compiled js files. (Can be hbc, jst, js etc.)
  • To compile all the html files, type -

    fawkes compile

  • To watch for new changes in html files, type -

    fawkes watch

  • You can give environment to the commands using --env option (eg. --env prod). It looks for that map in config file. Default is dev.

  • You can keep config file separately and mention it in commands with --config option. (eg. fawkes compile --config ../foo.json)