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Important note: The minimum supported node version is v12.10.0

Fauna GQL Upload

Fauna GQL Upload is a simple CLI to update your FaunaDB database's GraphQL schema, resolver functions, indexes, and database roles without going to the FaunaDB dashboard. It uses the https://graphql.fauna.com/import endpoint to update the schema from a file within your project, and the FQL driver for JavaScript to update/create functions, roles, and indexes.

Read the documentation to get started!

Table of contents

Main features

  • 🗄️ Store all your User-defined functions, roles, indexes, and domain data within your project.
  • 📜 Update your schema and other resources without leaving your editor.
  • 🔃 Easily replicate FaunaDB resources across databases and accounts.
  • 📑 Include FaunaDB resources in version control and source code.
  • ✔️ Typescript support.
  • 🔥 GraphQL codegen (using GraphQL codegen).

NOTE: If you want to use this package with typescript, you do not need to build the resources manually. As of version 1.9.0, type-checking and typescript compilation is handled automatically without extra configuration. Read more about typescript support.


To install, run:

npm install --save-dev faunadb fauna-gql-upload

or with yarn:

yarn add -D faunadb fauna-gql-upload


To view the documentation, visit the new documentation site.

Migrating to v2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 hasn't introduced too many breaking changes, so migration should be fairly simple. Here are the changes that might cause issues.

No more global installs

Fauna GQL Upload previously supported global installation to be used as a CLI. Support for global installations has been removed. If you have a previous global installation, I suggest removing that from your system. To continue using the package, you'll simply have to follow the getting started section in the documentation.

You need a local installation of faunadb

It was previously possible to use Fauna GQL Upload without a local faunadb installation. This is no longer possible, the package now relies solely on the faunadb version that you install.

You might need faunadb@>=4.0.0

It is still possible to upload resources with versions before 4.0.0, but if you are configuring access providers in your project, you will have to use faunadb@>=4.0.0 since that's when the AccessProvider and CreateAccessProvider functions were added.

The version of faunadb specified in peerDependencies is >=4.0.0, but if you won't be using access providers you should still be able to install older versions. You'll just have to ignore the "incorrect peer depencency" warnings.

Changing the secret environment variable

The default environment variable for your FaunaDB admin key used to be FAUNADB_SECRET. This has now changed to FGU_SECRET.

If you have previously used the default environment variable you now need to either:

  • Rename FAUNADB_SECRET to FGU_SECRET in your environment file
  • Or set the secretEnv property in .fauna.json to FAUNADB_SECRET

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