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FastCGI for Node.js

fastcgi is an extremely simple web server that serves a FastCGI application.

Install it (globally) with npm:

$ npm install -g fastcgi

Suppose you have a FastCGI application (e.g. Django) listening on Unix socket /opt/myapp/socket, you don't want to set up Apache httpd, nginx, or anything else:

$ fastcgi --port=8888 --socket=/opt/myapp/socket

Voila! Instant web application. Basically, fastcgi exports a FastCGI/unix service to be an HTTP/inet service.


fastcgi is an npm package and command-line tool

$ ./cli.js --help
Usage: node ./cli.js [options] <FastCGI program> [program arg1] [arg2] [...]

  --die     Exit after serving one request                     [boolean]
  --log     Path to log file
  --port    Listening port number                              [required]
  --max     Maximum allowed subprocesses                       [default: 25]
  --daemon  Daemonize (run in the background); requires --log  [boolean]
  --lock    Lockfile to use when daemonizing
  --socket  Unix socket FastCGI program will use               [required]

The --daemon flag is helpful. It will make fastcgi run in the background.


Apache 2.0