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An SDK for accessing the FantasyBach backend. This repo is consumable as an npm module for use in a CommonJS project (i.e. a browserify project).


After you have checked out this repo, run the following commands:

cd directory/of/repo
npm install
npm link
cd direcotry/of/repo/using/SDK
npm link fantasybach-sdk

Usage Notes

  • When you make a request that requires authroization and the authentication has expired or is invalid, it will look like the request fails because of a CORS issue. This is because we don't have a good way to control the response headers when the authorization step fails.
  • Calling the /login endpoint will (if succuessful) return authorization credentials and the user's id. The credentials will automatically be applied to the SDK and future requests. The credentials will expire every hour.
  • Many requests that fail will still "succeed" and return a 200 status code. This is because there is not a way to setup response mappings in JAWS yet.

Example Usage

The example directory contains a sample webpage that performs a number of API calls. To run the example, setup a static webserver to load the html file and build the index.js file into bundle.js. This can be done with the following commands:

npm install -g static browserify
browserify example/index.js > example/bundle.js
static ./example

You will also have to change the facebook token in index.js. Assuming you have permissions, a valid token can be generated at: