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Cache iTunes search

fanboy - cache itunes search

The fanboy Node.js package implements a cache for parts of the iTunes Search API.

Compound type representing undefined or null.

A function applied to each iTunes search result. The default lib/reduce.js—for podcasts—produces:

  • author String()
  • feed String()
  • guid Number()
  • img100 String()
  • img30 String()
  • img60 String()
  • img600 String()
  • title String()
  • updated Number()
  • ts Number()

The options for the fanboy cache:

  • cacheSize Number The cache size passed to levelup.
  • country String The country code for the search API—defaults to 'us'.
  • highWaterMark Number Passed to stream.Readable constructor.
  • hostname String The host name of the store ('').
  • media String The media type to search for ('all').
  • objectMode Boolean Whether this stream should behave as a stream of objects (false).
  • path String The path to the store (/search).
  • port Number The port to access the store (80).
  • reduce reduce()
  • ttl Number Time to live in milliseconds (24 * 3600 * 1000).

The fanboy module exports a single function that returns a new cache object (an instance of the Fanboy class). To access the Fanboy class require('fanboy').

fanboy(name, opts)

  • name String() The name of the file system directory for the database.
  • opts opts() | void() Optional parameters of the cache.
var fanboy = require('fanboy')
var cache = fanboy('/tmp/fanboy.db', {
  type: 'podcast'
var search =
search.end('merlin mann')

To run this printing only the title(s), do:

$ node example/search | json -ga title

This will search remotely and cache the result, subsequent requests will use the cache.

var lookup = cache.lookup()

You can run this with:

$ node example/lookup | json
var suggest = cache.suggest()


$ node example/suggest | json

If you have not searched before doing this, you will not get any results, because the suggestions index is populated as we are caching data.

The search, lookup, and suggest functions accept an optional stream options Object that lets you override global stream options—highWaterMark, encoding, and objectMode—of your fanboy instance.

With npm do:

$ npm install fanboy

MIT License