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FamFamFam Mini icon pack


The Mini icon pack, as available on famfamfam website.

All credits for these icons go to their original author: Mark James (

The aim of this project is to make this icon pack available through various package managers, such as:

All icons are supplied in GIF format.

You can insert the icons directly into your HTML with a common IMG tag:

<img alt="Refresh" src="dist/gif/action_refresh_blue.gif" width="16" height="16">

In addition to the icons by themselves, this project also ships a CSS spritesheet for the icon-pack. This spritesheet allows to load the entire icon-pack in just 1 image, and thus reduce HTTP calls.

This is what it actually looks:

All the positioning of the icons inside this alone image is made through CSS, which allows you to just add block-type tags with the proper class and get the same result:

<div class="famfamfam-mini action_refresh_blue"></div>

Just remember to add the CSS stylesheet to the HEAD of your HTML page!

Get the package with NPM

npm install famfamfam-mini

Get the package with Bower

bower install famfamfam-mini

Get the package with Composer / Packagist

composer require legacy-icons/famfamfam-mini

Get the package with NuGet

Install-Package famfamfam-mini

We use Gulp to build the project, so if you want to re-build or customize this project, you'll need Gulp.

After gulp is installed, and your CLI is pointed to your work directory, first install the dependencies:

with NPM 2.x.x

npm install

with NPM 3.x.x (resolve dependencies for node-spritesheet before this module's ones)

npm install grunt grunt-contrib-coffee grunt-contrib-clean

npm install

then be sure that you have ImageMagick installed for building spritesheet.

then, you can run the gulp build task to build the project:

gulp build

First, it copies GIF files from the src folder, and pastes them to the dist folder.

Then it creates a spritesheet from the GIF images located in the src folder, and thus creates the sprite folder in dist.

If, for example you just want action_stop and page_right icons in a spritesheet, you just have to fork this project, point your CLI to the working directory, empty the src directory, except action_stop and page_right icons in GIF format, and then run the gulp build task.

You'll get the proper spritesheet and copies of the icons directly in the dist folder.