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    Falcor SuperTest DataSource

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    A Falcor DataSource class for testing Falcor routes using SuperTest.

    Testing with a Falcor Model has a few added benefits over testing w/ direct HTTP requests:

    • requests are made using Falcor's path syntax, rather than the equivalent HTTP queryparams/request body
    • responses are equivalent to what the client receives, e.g. by resolving refs
    • enables tests against the model cache, e.g. ensuring that paths are properly invalidated after a call request

    Testing against a Falcor Model will not test for overfetching or underfetching. E.g. if a route accidentally returns more data than it should, the extra data will be dropped silently by the Falcor Model. Similarly, if a route returns less data than it should, the model will silently make a subsequent request in order to finish building the jsonGraph snippet. Testing against a Falcor Model will ensure that the client eventually receives all the data it needs (just not necessarily as efficiently as possible).

    Basic Usage

    const falcor = require('falcor');
    const test = require('some test framework like tape');
    const SuperTestDataSource = require('falcor-supertest-datasource');
    const app = require('./app');
    const model = new falcor.Model({
      source: new SuperTestDataSource('/api/model.json', app)
    test('Should return items by id with field1 and field2', assert => {
      const expectedResponse = {
        itemsById: {
          1: {field1: 'someValue', field2: 'someOtherValue'},
          3: {field1: 'someValue', field2: 'someOtherValue'},
          4: {field1: 'someValue', field2: 'someOtherValue'}
      model.get(['itemsById', [1, 3, 4], ['field1', 'field2']])
        .subscribe(res => {
          assert.deepEqual(res.json, expectedResponse);
        }, err => {

    Advanced Usage

    Take a look at test/index.js, which is set up to run against a sample express/falcor-router app in example/example-router/. The app runs against an in-memory SQLite DB, and is reinitialized for each test, ensuring all tests run in isolation against a fresh app state.


    npm i falcor-supertest-datasource

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