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real fake terminal

Hey, are you tired of real terminals, cluttering up your operating system, where you open ’em, and they actually go somewhere? And you go in another shell? Get on down to “Real Fake Terminals”! That’s us. Fill a whole browser up with ’em. See? Watch, check this out! Won’t do anything. Won’t do anything. Not this one, not this one. None of ’em do anything! FakeTerminals.com is our website, so check it out for a lot of really great deals on fake terminaalllls!

We have fake terminals like you wouldn’t believe! What are you worried about? Come get fake terminals. Call us up, and order some fake terminals today. Don’t even hesitate, don’t even worry and don’t even give it a second thought. That’s our slogan. See it on the bottom of the screen, below our name. Here’s another slogan, right below that one. What are you worried about? Come get fake terminals. Get in here quick, get out quicker, with an arm of fake terminals in your arms.

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product roadmap

  • social / sharing features
    • timeline of friends’ commands
    • popular completions
    • share aliases
    • pipe commands to your friends’ shells
    • memories / stories



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