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Fabricator builder

fabricate - to make by assembling parts or sections.

Fabricator builder is a tool for building website UI toolkits - think "Tiny Bootstraps, for Every Client"

This is a builder version of the original Fabricator project, which means you create your project,
add the needed configuration files and let Fabricator builder build your toolkit.

Quick Start

Add the dependency
$ npm install fabricator-builder --save-dev

There currently is a dependency which npm package isn't up-to-date, so you better use the git repo as dependency:

"fabricator-builder": "dietergeerts/fabricator.git#3.0.0"
Build your toolkit
// Inside your gulpfile.js 
var fabricatorBuilder = require('fabricator-builder');
var gulp              = require('gulp');
gulp.task('default', function () {
    // You can check the docs on info about the configuration. 


Read the wiki →

Demo/Starter project

Check out the starter project →

Check out the demo →


Fabricator builder created by Dieter Geerts

Original Fabricator created by Luke Askew

Original Fabricator Logo by Abby Putinski


The MIT License (MIT)