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light static sever which will reload page when there are changes in server side!

icons belong to @teambox Free-file-icons

There is an extra tool works on chrome


$ (sudo) npm install -g f5

or if you want to test other fork

$ (sudo) npm install -g<user>/f5/tarball/master

how to use ?

  • in the path which you want to be serve:

      #run command
      $ f6
      #or assign port
      $ f5 8080
  • open your browser(any browser),and check out http://localhost:${port you use,3000 default}(for instance:http://localhost:3000),launch your html page, f5 will reload it every time you modify it

  • if modified file isn't html, f5 won't reload the whole page but "reload" the attribute from all tags which attach the file

force of f5 ( working via LAN! ):

There is a short story: Luke are coding html on his Laptop,and Master Yoda,via LAN, can watch the page auto reloading with any browser on any OS when Luke modify the file.That's the force of f5.

recommend shell script function:

function f55() { # run f5 background 
    nohup f5 $1 > /dev/null 2>&1 &
    echo f5 is runing

Add this function to your SHELLRC file,restart the terminal(or source the SHELLRC file) and run f55(or f55 <port>) ( And executing fg,will call f5 back in frontground. )