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📨 Send single, bulk and bulk individual SMS and MMS with node-libcurl using the EZTexting REST API.

🔀 Requests are being send async via the libcurl Multi and Easy handler.

ℹ️ Messages are being sent and request responses are logged. Callback functions can be passed on.

Environment Dependencies

Create a .env file in your root folder and add 3 variables USR, PWD, and CRT_PATH:


Dotenv : The worldwide standard for securing environment variables

Install Dev Dependencies


npm i @types/node eslint ts-node typescript --save-dev

Nodemon (optional)

I personally like to code TypeScript with nodemon

nodemon is a tool that helps develop Node.js based applications by automatically restarting the node application when file changes in the directory are detected.

Install: npm i nodemon --save-dev Script: tsc --project tsconfig.json

Send one message to a single phone number

import { Messages } from 'eztexting-node'
import { Message, ResponseFormat } from 'eztexting-node'

const format: ResponseFormat = 'json';

const singleMessage: Message = {
	PhoneNumbers: '2057404127', 
	Message: 'Single message', 
	StampToSend: '2022-10-10 16:15'

new Messages(format).sendMessage(singleMessage, callbackFn)

Send the same message to multiple phone numbers

import { Messages } from 'eztexting-node'
import { Message, ResponseFormat } from 'eztexting-node'

const format: ResponseFormat = 'json';

const bulkMessages: Message = { 
	PhoneNumbers: ['2057404127', '205-740-4177'], 
	Subject: "1", 
	Message: "Bulk message"

new Messages(format).sendMessage(bulkMessages, 'callback')

Send individual messages to specific phone numbers in bulk

import { Messages } from 'eztexting-node'
import { Message, ResponseFormat } from 'eztexting-node'

const format: ResponseFormat = 'json';

const Messages = new Messages(format)

const individualMessages: Message[] = [
	{PhoneNumbers: "2057404127", Subject: "1",Message: "Individual message 1"},
	{PhoneNumbers: "205-740-4177", Subject: "2",Message: "Individual message 2"},
	{PhoneNumbers: "(205) 740-4181", Subject: "3",Message: "Individual message 3"}

individualMessages.forEach(async (message: Message, i: number) => {

	messages.sendMessage(individualMessages, callback?)

Send a generated QR Code as picture to specific phone numbers

Create PNG Buffer with Promise handler

import { QRCodeGenerator, OutputFormat, StyleOptions } from ".";

const qr = new QRCodeGenerator();

qr.generate("png", "Willie")
	 .then((buffer: Buffer) => {var base64 = buffer.toString("base64")})
	 .catch((err: Error) => console.error(err));

Create SVG and save as file

const style: StyleOptions = {"width":300,"height":300,"data":"https://qr-code-styling.com","dotsOptions":{"type":"extra-rounded","color":"#6a1a4c"}}

const qr = new QRCodeGenerator();
qr.generate("svg", '', style);

// Optional parameter ([filename, dir])
// If no filename is passed, the filename is the current unix timestamp

Send QR Code to Phone Number

import { ResponseFormat } from 'eztexting-node'
const format: ResponseFormat = 'json';
const newMedia = new MediaFilesCreate(format);

const attendee: Attendee = {
	PhoneNumber: '2057404127', 
	Name: 'Winnie Puh',
	Barcode: 123456789

const mediaFileOptions = {filetype: 'png', url: 'https://url-of-png-file.png'}
newMedia.createMediaFile(attendee, mediaFileOptions, createMessageCallBackFn)

SSL Certification


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