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Extract a valid github URL from a given object. We make the assumption that the given object follows a package.json format as used by npm.


This module is released in the npm registry as extract-github and can therefor be installed using:

npm install --save extract-github


This module was written to only do specific task and do that task well, and that is extracting github information. We therefor export as a single function:

'use strict';
var extract = require('extract-github');

Once you've required the module you can feed it the contents of a package.json to extract to github information.

var github = extract(require('./package.json'));

The github variable should now contain an object with a user and repo property which can be re-used to create a new github URL. In addition to parsing package.json's it also supports extracting github information out of README it can do this by extracting Travis-CI badges or just plain ol matching github URL from the content.

var github = extract(require('fs').readFileSync(__dirname +'/'));