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    This library provides many different tiny and handy tools to provide mechanisms that native js lacks!

    A very important note

    This library will overwrite or expand the native js objects! Use it carefully...

    Use in browser environment

    The library is directly provided by JSDeliver. Hence, simply use the following line in browser environment to import and inject all the tools.

    import "//";

    Use in NodeJS environment

    Since that this library is completely written using es module syntax, using this library in NodeJS environment is a little bit tricky. Please follow the following steps to install and use this library!

    1. Install the package via following line.

      npm install extes
    2. Download the following loader script from here and name it as loader.mjs

    3. You can use this line in your code to import and inject all the tools.

      import "extes";
    4. Run the script using following command

      node --experimental-modules --loader ./loader.mjs [PATH_TO_YOUR_BOOT_SCRIPT]

    The loader script is used to tell the NodeJS environment to load the scripts ended with .esm.js as es modules not CommonJS modules. The reason why I'm not using .mjs is that I want to make the scripts to be directly identified by web browsers without the need to add additional configuration to make the server respond correct content-type header. 'cause it will be difficult to do that if you're not hosting your own web server!

    Injected Tool List


    • Object.defineProperty
    • Object.defineProperties
    • Object.merge
    • Object.generate
    • Object.typeof


    • Promise.wait
    • Promise.create


    • setTimeout.create
    • setInterval.create
    • setInterval.idle


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