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    Lightweight extension of Angular Firestore. Provides a more intuitive API. Create, Update, Insert-or-Update (Upsert), Check for Existence, Download Once, Download and listen for changes.


    npm install extended-angular-firestore --save

    Sample Usage

    import { ExtendedAngularFirestore } from 'extended-angular-firestore';
    export class Example {
      constructor(eaf: ExtendedAngularFirestore) {
        const ref = 'reference string to Firestore database location';
        const doc: DocType = documentOfYourChoiceHere;
        eaf.createNewDocument<DocType>(ref, doc); // creates a new doc at reference ref
        eaf.updateExistingDocument<DocType>(ref, doc); // updates existing document with value doc
        eaf.upsert<DocType>(ref, doc); // updates the document if it exists
                                       // otherwise, creates a new document at reference ref

    Design Concept

    The goal of the API is to help the programmer manage Observable Subscriptions, so you only ask for exactly what you want. You can either ask to download a document or a collection exactly once, in which case you get back a Promise that resolves to the value of the document you are requesting. Or you can listen to a document or a collection, in which case you get back an Observable you can subscribe to (and might have to unsubscribe from). This structure has helped me avoid annoying double-request errors where I failed to unsubscribe from a stream I hadn't realized I was still subscribed to.

    This package also handles existence/nonexistence gracefully, which has been a weakness of both Firebase and Firestore in the past. To create or modify a document, simply use the Upsert method, which does the existence checking for you.

    Finally, the API extension is lightweight -- about 100 lines of TypeScript and three RXJS operators (which AngularFire may already need).


    npm i extended-angular-firestore

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