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Underscore's extend method as a standalone Common JS module.


underscore's extend method adapted and extracted as a standalone CommonJS module.

Note this does not shim Array.prototype.forEach so if you're in <IE8 you'll need to polyfill it. But basically any other browser will work.

var extend = require('extend-object');
var obj = {hi: 'there'};
extend(obj, {hello: 'you'});
console.log(obj); // {hi: 'there', hello: 'you'} 
// it extends the first object in place 
console.log(obj === extend(obj, {})); // 'true' 
// you can pass as many objects as you want 
extend(obj, {something: 'else'}, {other: 'item'});
// if there are conflicting keys the last one wins 
extend(obj, {something: 'ok'}, {something: 'newer'});
console.log(obj.something); // 'newer' 
npm install extend-object

All credit goes to Jeremy Ashkenas and the other underscore.js authors.

MIT as per underscore.