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Ext Server

Ext Server

An application server having the class system which is compatible with Ext JS

Getting it

$ npm install ext-server



// global.Ext Object is Available

and when use it as WebServer, you write it as follows.


Ext.application({ /* server settings */ });


require('ext-server').application(); // require return "Ext" Object.

you can browse 'http://localhost:8124'.

API Documentation

Ext Server API Documentation

Road Map

Version 0.3.x

  • JavaScript auto obfuscation.
  • enable use modules(DB) and Session share.
  • brush up Ext Core Classes.

Version 0.4.x

  • Bug fixes

Version 0.5.x

  • preload cache static files.
  • create base action execute enviroment.
  • create REST Controller.

Version 0.6.x

  • Bug fixes

higher versions.

  • class implement, used by "PDFKit".
  •, implement it in reference to "PHP Excel" etc.
  • Ext.canvas.Canvas implement, used by "node-canvas" and combination with
  • Ext.template.Smart(Ext.SmartTemplate), smarty like template engine.
  • PostgreSQL support, with windows. (Solution to issue of node-gyp)
  • Oracle support, with windows. (Solution to issue of node-gyp)
  • iconv(node-iconv-jp) (Solution to issue of node-gyp)
  • legecy Japanese Mobile Phone pict.
  • bind Server monitor and loggin solution.
  • Ext JS / Sencha Touch client test operation from server side.(this old project name "Vergina")