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Latest release: v0.1.5, fully updated to latest HTML5 Boilerplate with better Stylus and Jade integration.

Open source node.js + express application framework.

Chat with us in IRC on freenode #expressling.

Expressling currently includes:


Stay updated

Before you run expressling from command-line, we suggest that you npm update expressling to ensure you are using the latest stable version.

Quick start

  npm install -g expressling
  expressling project-name && cd project-name
  npm install -d
  node server.js

The default super admins's credentials are:

The default user's credentials are:


Expressling is made to be customized for your needs.

Change dependencies in package.json, or your MongoDB credentials in config.json.

Also, we have built-in pretty-logging for building our assets (e.g. Stylus) and logging HTTP requests. You can turn these on or off via boolean values in settings.js.


If you encounter errors please tweet @niftylettuce and post an issue.

About the project

Our goal is to provide an simple, interchangable boilerplate for the community. (e.g. pick and choose Stylus vs. LESS, CoffeeScript vs. JavaScript, MongoDB vs. CouchDB, Eco vs. Jade ...).

The end-result is to have a robust npm CLI that allows you to run $ expressling project-name [options] (e.g. $ expressling project-name -c stylus -t jade -d postgresql) to quickly deploy a new project based on your needs.

If you clone this repo to contribute, you need to chmod +x ./bin/expressling.


Expressling was inspired by several node.js projects.


MIT Licensed