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Express + Emitter = Express + SSE + Emitter = ExpreSSEmitter

Use with Express library to enable endpoints for html5 EventSource elements.

Example Usage:

var app = require("express")()
  , sseSender = require("expressemitter")();

app.use("/sse", sseSender, function(req, res) {
//browser-side: var sseSource = new EventSource("/sse");


  //browser-side: sseSource.addEventListener("message", function(msg){alert(msg);}, false);
  res.sendEvent("message", "some data");


  //browser-side: sseSource.addEventListener("showDialogAt", function(pos) {dialog.showAt(JSON.parse(pos));}, false);
  res.sendEvent("showDialogAt", {x: 3, y: 4});


  //browser-side: sseSource.addEventListener("end", function() {sseSource.close();}, false);
  res.sendEvent("end"); //notify client of end of stream, some browsers will reconnect if not explicitly closed

  res.end(); //close the response stream