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express.js middleware for instantly reloading css stylesheets during development



$ npm install express-vogue


In your app, include this before the plain app.configure section to include express-vogue before other middlewares:

app.configure('development', function(){

Start your application and open it in your browser of choice. Whenever you save changes to a css-file below public, your page style will update instantly.

Usage with stylus

app.configure('development', function(){ 
    app.use(require('express-vogue')(app, {
        rewrite : '(.*).css:$1.styl'

Again: Remember to make this middleware the FIRST in development mode.


This module is just a simple wrapper around the most excellent project vogue by Andreq Davey To work in express, I had to make some changes to it in my own fork at That's why this modules requires my private fork from npm instead of the original module.