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Sexy Static

sexy static content server for express.



npm install express-sexy-static


var expressSexyStatic = require('express-sexy-static');
app.use(new expressSexyStatic(__dirname + '/public'));

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Not just files

SexyStatic is a combinition of, connect.static and more within a simple middleware. Just use it with:

app.use(expressSexyStatic(__dirname + '/public'));

View like a pro

SexyStatic is not just a static file server. It can also view documents in a friendly way.

All supported friendly views:

  • images: simple preview
  • html pages: preview via iframe
  • text file and source code: view source via ajax
  • markdown: preview single markdown file and (rendered via marked in browser)


A few crafted sexy themes are shiped with SexyStatic. Try them and pick one.

View all themes at

Custom theme

You can also define custom template for SexyStatic! To use your custom template:

  1. View an existing theme for template data reference.
  2. Prepare a template (ejs/jade/.. whatever you can render in express) into your own view path, and make sure it doesn't have the same name as any existing theme
  3. Set your template name as theme option, then done!