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Express middleware for rewriting URLs without doing an http redirect.


You must install the express-rewrite middleware before any other middleware. Repeat: the first time you call server.use(), you must call it on express-rewrite. This is because it modifies the value of req.url, and you want that to happen before any other middleware looks at the request.

var rewriter = require('express-rewrite');

var server = express.createServer();
server.configure(function() {

To rewrite a URL, you use the usual Express routing functions, but with a call to rewriter.rewrite() as the callback.

server.get('/from/some/url', rewriter.rewrite('/to/another/url'));

You can replace parts of the rewritten URL with matched groups from the original URL. This works the same way as string.replace() when called with a regular expression. Actually, it is a call to string.replace() using the regular expression compiled by the Express router.

server.get('/post/:year/:month', rewriter.rewrite('/post?year=$1&month=$2'));


$ npm install express-rewrite


Copyright 2011 Joe Hewitt

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