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    Express Analytics

    Express analytics is a npm package that provides express middleware to measure the nature of visits to your website


    • Track total number of hits to your site
    • Nature of device from where the traffic is coming from
    • Geographic data : country, region, timezone

    Upcoming features

    • Is the hit unique?
    • Operating system of origin
    • Browser of request

    How to use

    This is an express middleware. To use the package, your server needs to use express.

    To install express, use the command npm install express

    Details about express here

    To install the package, use command npm install express-request-analytics

    Require the package in your server const expressAnalytics = require('express-request-analytics)

    Add the package as a middleware app.use(expressAnalytics(options))

    The function takes an object as it's argument. One of the value in the object is a callback function which gives you access to the details regarding the request. Example code below:

    const getAnalytics = (hit, deviceType, country, region, timeZone)=>{
    //do stuff with data here
    let options = {
    cb : getAnalytics


    • hit -> is always 1
    • deviceType -> gives you the device type where the request was sent from (mobile, desktop or tablet)
    • country -> country where the request came from
    • region -> region/state from where the request came from
    • timeZone -> time zone of origin of request

    What to do inside the function?

    The ideal use case is to write to a database ( table based is better ) or write to a file.

    I will keep updating this package to support more and more features. If you'd like to contribute, please get in touch :

    Note: The package has not been tested. Please use at your own risk


    npm i express-request-analytics

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