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Express CLI Tool (express-cli-tool)

Kickstart your ExpressJS projects with ease using express-cli-tool, a powerful boilerplate generator designed to streamline the setup process and accelerate your development workflow. This npm package provides a robust foundation for Express applications, complete with pre-configured database settings and an automated component creation system.

Express CLI Tool supports on MacOS, windows and Linux.


You should install it globally.

With NPM

npm install -g express-cli-tool

With Yarn

yarn global add express-cli-tool

Create an Express Applciation

Your system will need to have Node 16.16.0 or later version.

To create an express app, you can choose one of the following method.

Through Prompt

express create-app

This command will prompt to multiple options for configuring express app and database.

Through Command

express create-app -t <templateName> -p <port> -d <database-type> -dn <database-name> <app name>

The command options are:

Options Description
-t, --template Specify the template [expressjs, expressts]
-p, --port Specify the port, default 8081
-d, --database Specify the database [mongo, dynamo, none]
-dn, --databaseName Assign a name for database

you can use --help command for knows this options and commands:

express --help


express create-app -t expressjs -p 3040 -d mongo -dn testdb app

After running the above commad it will create a project directory 'app' inside current folder. Inside the directory You can see the Express Application.

├── node_modules
├── src
|    ├── config
|    ├── controller
|    ├── helper
|    ├── model
|    ├── router
|    ├── utils
|    └── app.js
├── .env
├── .gitignore
├── package-lock.json
└── package.json

Once the installation is done, open your project folder:

cd app

Applciation created.

Run Application

For running application

Using nodemon

npm run dev


yarn run dev

Using node

npm start


yarn start

Create Module

You can automatically create modules. Which means you can create Controller, router, model and helper templates using command.

command for creating module

express create-module <module-name>

For example;

express create-module user

It will create user.controller, user.router, user.model and user.helper files with basic crud api.

Change Port

You can change the port of the application.

express change-port < port >

For Example

express change-port 3040

About Express CLI Tool

Features Description
Boiler Plate Templates We supports Express-JS and Express-TS tempaltes
Database MongoDB
Module Creation controller, router, model and helper
Change Port Can change the PORT of the application

DB Configuration

Express automaticaly configure db.


For mongo as the database your system must contains mongod or If you want to run Mongodb Atlas just change the Uri in db.shared.js file as the mongodb atlas connection string


Express CLI Tool (express-cli-tool) is open source software licenced as MIT.

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