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A simple to use module for Express that handles authentification (signup and login), sessions and provide an account page you can place in your app.

Requires JQuery and Bootstrap 4 (JS + CSS) on the client side.


  • [X] Handles sessions and cookies
  • [X] OAuth (Google and Github)
  • [X] Drop-in login/signup page
  • [X] Drop-in account management page
  • [X] Forgot Password / reset link
  • [X] Auto redirecting back after login/signup
  • [X] Logged middleware
  • [X] Ability to disable sign ups
  • [X] Use Bootstrap
  • [ ] Magic link login
  • [ ] Store last logged date for users

Who uses it?

Nucleus ElioPay Backery Anygoal Lttrfeed Musli.io

👋 Want to be listed there? Contact me.


npm i express-account-block

Then in your express code

// Init express
const express 		= require('express')
const app 			= express()

// Add your DB
const mongoose      = require('mongoose')
const mongoURI 		= process.env.MONGO_URL || 'mongodb://localhost:27017/myappdb'
mongoose.connect(mongoURI, { useNewUrlParser: true })

// Your db schmeas
const db 			= require('./helpers/db')

// Parse from html forms and post payload
app.use(express.urlencoded({ extended: true }))

// For signup and login
require('express-account-block')(app, {
	siteName: 'My Web App',
	siteUrl: 'example.com',
	mongoose: mongoose,
	useAccessToken: true, // Access token management
	redirectLogin: '/account',
	redirectSignup: '/account',
	// disableSignup: true,
	// signupMailExtra: 'You can now create your first app.',
	mongoUser: db.User,
	connectors: {
		github: {
			clientId: "xxxxxxx",
			clientSecret: "xxxxxx",
			redirectUri: "https://my.app/auth/github/callback"
		google: {
			clientId: 'xxxxxxx.apps.googleusercontent.com',
			clientSecret: 'xxxxxxxxx',
			redirectUri: 'https://my.app/auth/google/callback'
	pages: {
		logoUrl: '/logo.png',
		customHeadHtml: `
			<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Muli:400,800,900&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">
			<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/css/login.css">
		// login: {
		// 	title: 'Good to have you back',
		// 	subtitle: 'Sign in and keep rocking your companies goals.'
		// },

// Then you can use the provided middleware to enforce user to be logged
// Redirects to login and back to page if not logged
// Supports API token access
// User object will be assigned to res.locals.user
const logged = require('express-account-block/logged')(db.User)

app.get('/dashboard', logged, (req, res, next) => {
	const user = res.locals.user


Account page

Will require Bootstrap and jQuery.

In your express route:

app.get("/account", (req, res, next) => {

	res.render("my_account_view", { // Where account is your page structure
		accountTemplate: require.resolve("express-account-block/account.ejs")

Make sure to have Bootstrap.js and jQuery included.

Then, in your ejs:

	<%- include(accountTemplate) %>

<script src="/account/account.js" defer></script>


Currently the module supports Github and Google oauth.

The redirect URIs are predefined paths:

  • /auth/github/callback for Github
  • /auth/google/callback for Google




npm i express-account-block

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