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Exframe Redbird Rate Limiter - Rate limiter middleware

Flexible and module sliding window rate limiting for the exframe variant of Redbird.

const { middleware: rateLimit, redisRateLimiter } = require('exframe-rate-limiter');

    rateLimiter: redisRateLimiter.create({
      client: redisClient,
      limits: [
        { amount: 100, precision: 1000 },
        { amount: 1000, precision: 60 * 1000 }


middleware(options) -> redbird middleware

Creates a rate limiting middleware that will dynamically restrict the number of requests.


  • rateLimiter - (required) The rate limiting provider that will interface with whatever store is being used. Redis and in memory providers are included.

Creates an error object with a field status set to 429 for too many requests.

RedisRateLimiter.create(options) -> rate limiter provider

Creates a rate limiter provider that uses redis as its store. Uses sorted sets to track usage.


  • name - (optional, defaults to '') Used to divide the rate limiters into groups
  • client - (client) The redis client. See node-redis npm client.
  • limits - (optional, defaults to 10 requests per second) The array of limits to apply to any given request. See more @ Limits.

InMemoryRateLimiter.create(options) -> rate limiter provider

A rudimentary provider in that resides totally in memory. Is not heavily optimized and is not recommended for extreme use in production.


  • limits - (optional, defaults to 10 requests per second) The array of limits to apply to any given request. See more @ Limits.


The rate limiter applies limits to requests using a tiered approach. The developer can choose varying amounts and varying levels of precision to achieve granular control over the number of requests flowing through the proxy.

A limit is defined as the amount of requests over a given time precision (in milliseconds).

  amount: 1000
  precision: 60 * 1000

Adjusting Limits per Request

The limits for any given request can be adjust upstream of the rate limiting middleware. Fields can be applied to the context object.

  • context.bypassRateLimits - (boolean, defaults to false) If true, the rate limiter will not track the usage and simply let all requests through.
  • context.alternateLimits - (array of limits) When set for a request, the rate limiter will use these given limits instead.




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