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    Execute PHP function within NodeJS application


    npm install exec-php


    let execPhp = require('exec-php');
    execPhp('path/to/file.php', '/usr/bin/php', (err, php, out) => {
        // the `php` argument is now contains all php defined functions
        php.my_func(arg1, arg2, (err, res, out, print) => {
            // `res` argument is now hold the returned value of `my_func` php function
            // `print` hold anything that get printed during calling the `my_func` function


    1. phpfile::string Path to user php file.
    2. phpbin::string Path to engine php binary file.
    3. callback::function A function to call after populating the php functions.

    The callback function will be called with below arguments:

    1. error::mixed The error message.
    2. php::object The php object that hold all php defined functions.
    3. printed::string All printed string while populating php functions.

    php Arguments

    All user defined function on php engine will be appended to php argument of the caller. The function will be lower case. You can now call the function normally with additional last argument is the callback function to get response of the php functions call with below arguments:

    1. error::mixed Error message
    2. result::mixed Returned content of user php function
    3. output::string Printed string on requiring the php file.
    4. printed::string Printed string on calling user php function.


    // file.php
    echo "One";
    function my_function($arg1, $arg2){
        echo "Two";
        return $arg1 + $arg2;
    // app.js
    let execPhp = require('exec-php');
    execPhp('file.php', (err, php, out) => {
        // outprint is now `One'.
        php.my_function(1, 2, (err, result, output, printed) => {
            // result is now `3'
            // output is now `One'.
            // printed is now `Two'.


    All uppercase function name on PHP will be converted to lowercase on exec-php.

    // file.php
    function MyFunction($a, $b){
        return $a + $b;
    // app.js
    let execPhp = require('exec-php')
    execPhp('file.php', (err, php, out) => {
        php.myfunction(1, 2, function(error, result){
            // result is now 3


    1. 0.0.3
      1. Handle PHP throw error exception
    2. 0.0.4
      1. Upgrade tmp module to suppress opsolete functions ( GuilhermeReda )
      2. Add noop function to support the new node callback standard
    3. 0.0.5
      1. Close temp file pointer on removing the file ( MHDMAM )
    4. 0.0.6
      1. Remove deprecated module.parent ( Jakub Zasański )
      2. Upgrade deprecated dependencies


    npm i exec-php

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