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    Open Exchange Rates module for nodeJS/npm

    Important update: This npm module has been deprecated and REPLACED by the improved 'open-exchange-rates' module, available at Thanks!

    Check out the latest version at!


    $ npm install exchange-rates

    A nodeJS module that loads up-to-date currency/exchange rate data from the Open Exchange Rates (via, or any other service you specify, for use in your node scripts and apps.

    Features override-able validation/parsing of raw API data, so that you can use it to load data from any service and parse/format it according to needs.

    Works great with money.js (npm install money) - a tiny currency-conversion library for nodeJS (and web).

    Requires http-agent

    To install, type npm install exchange-rates in the terminal. Then see below.

    Example Usage:

    Start with this:

    var exchange = require("exchange-rates");

    Default - load data from

    exchange.load(function() {
    	// You can now use `exchange.rates`, `exchange.base` and `exchange.timestamp`

    Usage with some other API:

    // Custom callback function to parse the returned API data:
    exchange.parse = function(data, exchange) {
    	exchange.base = "USD";
    	exchange.rates = parseJSON(data);
    	return exchange;
    // Load the API data:
    exchange.load("http://mycoolwebservi.ce/api.json", function() {
    	// You can now use `exchange.rates` and `exchange.base` as defined in `parse()`
    // You can also set the URL globally, then just load as normal:
    exchange.url = "http://mycoolwebservi.ce/api.json";

    Usage with money.js:

    var exchange = require("exchange-rates"),
    	fx = require("money");
    exchange.load(function() {
    	// Apply exchange rates and base rate to `fx` object:
    	fx.rates = exchange.rates;
    	fx.base = exchange.base;
    	// money.js is all set up:
    	fx(1).from("GBP").to("USD"); // 1.586 or etc.

    More Info

    For more info and examples, check out the Open Exchange Rates homepage


    0.1.2 - DEPRECATED & REPLACED BY open-exchange-rates NPM MODULE

    0.1.1 - make package.json dependency list an object

    0.1.0 - first version


    npm i exchange-rates

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