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    Bittrex Public API (Node)

    This package interacts with the public REST API endpoints for the Bittrex Exchange that require no authentication using Promises.

    With this package, you should be able to get access to:

    • Cryptocurrency Pair Quotes
    • Market Metadata
    • 24-Hour Market Summary
    • Order Flow & Market History

    API requiring authentication has been decoupled, and will be created in an additional package as an add-on.


    exchange-bittrex-public-api is available from npm and yarn:

    npm install exchange-bittrex-public-api
    - or -
    yarn add exchange-bittrex-public-api


    Getting Started

    1. require() or import module:
    const Bittrex = require('exchange-bittrex-public-api')


    import Bittrex from 'exchange-bittrex-public-api'
    • Create a new Bittrex Object:
    const bittrex = new Bittrex()
    • Use any method needed to get the desired data. All methods return a promise so you can use await/async with try {} catch() {} or .then().catch()


    Responses should return a success and result property. Successful responses from the API should return as true.

      "success": true,  // @bool
      "result": <data>  // @array or @object

    Methods Available

    • .getMarkets() - Used to get the open and available trading markets at Bittrex along with other meta data.

    • getCurrencies() - Used to get all supported currencies at Bittrex along with other meta data.

    • getTicker(pair) - Used to get the current tick values for a market.

      • pair - @string Market Pair (ex: BTC-LTC)
    • getMarketSummaries() - Used to get the last 24 hour summary of all active exchanges.

    • getMarketSummary(pair) - Used to get the last 24 hour summary of all active exchanges.

      • pair - @string Market Pair (ex: BTC-LTC)
    • getOrderBook(pair, type) - Used to get retrieve the order-book for a given market.

      • pair - @string Market Pair (ex: BTC-LTC)
      • type - @string Buy / Sell / Both
    • getMarketHistory(pair) - Used to retrieve the latest trades that have occurred for a specific market.

      • pair - @string Market Pair (ex: BTC-LTC)
    • getEndpoint(path, query) - Used to get any additional endpoint that might get added in the future.

      • path - @string Custom path to an endpoint (ex: /public/markets)
      • query - @object Custom parameters to include (ex: { market: 'BTC-LTC' })


    Please...if you find any issues or improvements needed, feel free to submit your improvements!


    npm i exchange-bittrex-public-api

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