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libxl bindings for Node.js. libxl is a library for working with Excel files.


npm install excel-libxl


For example you have simple app.js:

var libxl = require('excel-libxl')
  , book = libxl.createBook();
book.load('./my-excel-file.xls', function(err) {
  book.getSheet(0).setName('Sheet #1 new name');'./my-excel-file.xls', function(err) {

If is not located in one of the default library paths (e.g. /usr/lib) you need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to start Node.js app correctly:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/path/to/" node app.js

Nearest roadmap

  • Extend Sheet API to be able get data from cells or set it
  • Mac OS X support


  • Finish up covering of Book and Sheet API
  • Add Format API
  • Add Font API
  • Tests. I suppose vows will be used
  • Cleanup, refactor code


The sharks of C++ may find my code awful. My apologies, guys. I'm only learning C++. And thus addon is expected to be serious one I won't transfer ownership. But I promise to merge all the helpful pull requests.