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    SilentBox 2.0 a lightbox vue.js component

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    A second version of the lightweight lightbox inspired component for Vue.js with local video support and more features coming. If you're interested, see demo.

    Supported formats and services

    • All image formats that can be displayed in browser
    • Local video files with following extensions .mp4, .ogg, .webm, .mov, .flv, .wmv, .mkv
    • YouTube and Vimeo embed videos with autoplay



    npm install --save vue-silentbox

    Import the plugin into Vue:

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import VueSilentbox from 'vue-silentbox'

    How to use?

    Define an array of images in the data object of your Vue instance or component.

    const app = new Vue({
        el: '#application',
        data: {
            images: [
                    src: 'images/image001.jpg',
                    srcSet: '/images/image001-640.jpg 640w,/images/image001-1280.jpg 1280w,/images/image001-1920.jpg 1920w',
                    description: 'Sunken dreams II. by Arbebuk',
                    src: 'images/image002.jpg',
                    srcSet: '/images/image002-640.jpg 640w,/images/image002-1280.jpg 1280w,/images/image003-1920.jpg 1920w',
                    description: 'Tunnel View Sunrise by Porbital',
                    sources: [
                            src: 'images/image003.webp',
                            srcSet: '/images/image003-640.webp 640w,/images/image003-1280.webp 1280w,/images/image003-1920.webp 1920w',
                            media: '(max-width: 799px)',
                            type: 'image/webp'
                    thumbnail: 'images/image-resize-001.jpg',
                    thumbnailSources: [
                            src: 'images/image001.webp',
                            srcSet: '/images/image-resize-001-640.webp 640w,/images/image-resize-001-1280.webp 1280w,/images/image-resize-001-1920.webp 1920w',
                            media: '(max-width: 799px)',
                            type: 'image/webp'
                    src: 'images/image002.jpg',
                    srcSet: '/images/image002-640.jpg 640w,/images/image002-1280.jpg 1280w,/images/image003-1920.jpg 1920w',
                    description: 'Tunnel View Sunrise by Porbital',

    Then in the template you use a silent-box component to display the gallery.

    <silent-box :gallery="images"><!-- your additional content --></silent-box>

    Or you can show a single image by just renaming the property.

    <silent-box :image="images[0]"><!-- your additional content --></silent-box>

    Custom activators

    In case you don't like the default image previews that SilentBox provides, you can set your own activators - text, button or even a video! SilentBox provides a named slot for this - silentbox-item. The slot provides variable called silentboxItem which provides you access to all properties you set on image object.

    In this example only alt text is displayed as an activator.
    <silent-box :gallery="images">
        <h2 class="tw-text-3xl tw-font-bold tw-mb-2">Gallery</h2>
        <p class="tw-font-light tw-mb-3">
            Items could be merged into groups that make galleries.
        <template v-slot:silentbox-item="{ silentboxItem }">
            <p>{{ silentboxItem.alt  }}</p>

    Image object attributes

    You can set the following attributes to the image object to change the behaviour of the SilentBox or display additional information. On the other hand, if you're lazy, only the src attribute is required.

    Attribute required type Description
    src yes string Media source, it could be an image, video or a YouTube / Vimeo embed link
    sources no array Array from various sources
    srcSet no string SrcSet to make use of responsive images
    thumbnail no string Image used for thumbnail
    thumbnailSources no array Array from various sources of image used for thumbnail
    thumbnailHeight no string Height of the thumbnail in px
    thumbnailWidth no string Width of the thumbnail in px
    description no string Short description below image (doesn't work below videos yet)
    alt no string Alt description for images
    autoplay no bool To autoplay youtube / Vimeo video
    controls no bool Works only for youtube videos, setting false will hide video controls

    Gallery element attributes

    These attributes can change the gallery element behaviour.

    Attribute required type Description
    gallery no array list of image objects that will be displayed in the gallery
    image no object image object that will be displayed in the gallery
    lazy-loading no bool whether images should be lazy loaded
    preview-count no number number of images that should be displayed in the gallery


    SilentBox also fires several events that can be further used in your Vue.js application. Each event has a payload that contains the item object which holds information about the currently displayed item.

    Event name When is event fired
    silentbox-overlay-opened when the overlay is opened
    silentbox-overlay-hidden when the overlay is closed (button or ESC key)
    silentbox-overlay-next-item-displayed when the user moves to the next picture (arrow or key)
    silentbox-overlay-previous-item-displayed when the user moves to the previous picture (arrow or key)

    Open overlay programatically

    SilentBox provides two options how to open the overlay programatically. If you need to open an existing gallery, the best option is to use the ref attribute and then call the method openOverlay on the $refs object in your method. See example:

    <silent-box ref="silentbox" :gallery="images"></silent-box>

    and then the method openOverlay can be called from your method:

    // ...
    methods: {
        // the index parameter is optional, however it should be set if you're opening
        // the overlay on different position than the beginning of the gallery
        openOverlayProgramaticallyWithContext (item, index = 0) {
            this.$refs.silentbox.openOverlay(item, index)
    // ...

    However, in case you just want to open an item without any context, it might be a better choice to call the global open method that SilentBox provides.

    // ...
    methods: {
        openOverlayProgramaticallyWithoutContext (item) {
    // ...

    Upgrading from 0.1?

    Version 2 brought many breaking changes. There are no more two separate components to display a single image or gallery. So, change all your silentbox-group and silentbox-single components to silent-box. The source of images must be an array of objects or a single object with previously mentioned attributes.


    All contributions are welcomed, however give me some time to review your requests. Please, use emoji in your commits, so it is easier to identify what your commits do. There are several emoji guides on the internet. Please stick with mine which is inspired by Atom contributing guidelines, see emoji in commits.


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