a/b testing for the front-end

var ewe = require("ewe");
//pick the ab test service 
  optimizely: {
//create a new AB test case 
launchpadTest = ewe.identify(accountId).
  control("show hud", showHudV1).
  variant("show hud 2", showHudV2).
  variant("show hud 3", { weight: 3}, showHudV3);
function showHudV1() {
  console.log("ab test 1");
function showHudV2() {
    //info about error 
  //this is also valid 
  ewe.fail("launchpad", { })
  //along with this 
  ewe.test("launchpad").fail({ });
  console.log("ab test 2");
function showHudV3() {

service to use

Identifies a unique test with the given ID.

creates a new test case, or returns a given test if it's registered.

  • name - name of the st

the control test

the test variation

  • options - (optional) the options for the variant
    • weight - weight of the variation

selects a variation, and returns the given value.

returns the control test

variationName - (optional) the variation to select

called after the test has succeeded

called after the test has failed

called after error / success