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    Mongo Action connector for eWings framework

    Get Started


    As previously mentioned, ewActionMongoDB is a plugin for the eWing framework. You can find more information at: eWings github page.


    npm install --save ew-action-mongodb

    Run tests

    ewActionMongoDB is fully tested. In includes:

    • Unit tests
    • EndToEnd tests
    • Coverage tests
    • Linting tests
    npm test


    eWing Mongo Action allows you to transform simple object event into complex mongoDB actions without loosing the control of your backend. This is specially usefull when you have an event based frontend like React or Polymer. A event processable by the eWing Mongo Action will look like:

      "id"     : 1,
      "status" : "request",
      "type"   : "user/insert",
      "owner"  : "owner",
      "payload": {
        "name"  : "john doe",
        "age"   : 25,
        "status": "online"

    This action will insert a new document in the user collection containing the data defined in the payload.

    Event type construction

    Every event must follow the following pattern in order to be processed by the eWing Mongo Action library:

    const eventType = `${collection}/${action}/${parameter}`;

    Collection and action are mandatory of the event type, while parametes is option. An action can only have one of the follow values:

    • find
    • insert
    • remove
    • set
    • unset
    • push
    • pull
    • addToSet


    In order to setup the eWing Mongo Action we need a connection to mongoDB and define the model behaviour.

    const eWings = require('ewings');
    const ewActionMongo = require('ew-action-mongodb');
    const models = require('./models');
    const db = require('db');
    const config = {
      db: db,
      models: models,
    const mongoAction = ewActionMongo(config);
    const interfaces = [];
    eWings.init(interfaces, [mongoAction]);

    MongoDB connection

    In order to setup the eWing Mongo Action we need a connection to mongoDB. This can be archived with the following code:

    let db:
    MongoClient.connect(MongoUrlConn, (err, client) => {
      if (err) throw err;
      db = client.db(dbName);

    Note: You must user the version 3.0.0 or above of the mongodb native driver.

    If you require extra instructions to setup you mongoDB connection, please check the official documentation of the mongodb project.

    Model definition

    The model object defines all the collections that could be manipulated throw the eWing Mongo Action instance. This is an example:

    const models = {
      user: {
        schema: userSchemaMock,
        roles: roles
      jobs: {
        schema: jobsSchemaMock,
        actions: ['find']

    Each key of the models objects is refers to a collection. Each model object has 3 possible parameters:

    • schema: Defines the model schema using the library ajv. Here you can find an example of a simple nested schema.
    • roles: This is an optional parameter that defines the different security roles. This work is under progress.
    • actions: This optional parameter which kind of actions can be executed over the model. If no actions are defined, all actions will be available.


    Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


    We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


    • Jovi Sogorb - Initial work & support - joviwap


    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


    We are still waiting for you ;)


    npm i ew-action-mongodb

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