A JavaScript microlibrary for automatic event binding


Eventualize introduces a convention-over-configuration mechanism for semi-automatically binding properly named event handlers to jQuery-compatible event sources in your object-oriented JavaScript code.

All you have to do is

  • name your event handlers appropriately: on_[event source]_[event_name]
  • eventualize your class: eventualize(this)

This works everywhere where you handle events using JavaScript. Here is an example for handling jQuery events in the browser:

class ConfirmDialog
  constructor: ->
    @confirm_button = $('#confirm')
    @cancel_button = $('#cancel')
    # Wire up all event listeners that exist in this class. 
    # This is equivalent to 
    # - @confirm_button.on 'click', @on_confirm_button_click 
    # - @cancel_button.on 'click', @on_cancel_button_click 
    # - @cancel_button.on 'hover', @on_cancel_button_hover 
    eventualize this
  @on_yes_button_click: ->
    console.log 'The yes button was clicked'
  @on_no_button_click: ->
    console.log 'The no button was clicked'
  @on_no_button_hover: ->
    console.log 'The no button was hovered'

Eventualize also works on the server, for example with Node.js:

class Stream
  constructor: ->
    @socket = new Socket()
    # Wire up all event listeners in this class. 
    # This is equivalent to 
    # - @socket.on 'open', @on_socket_open 
    # - @socket.on 'data', @on_socket_data 
    # - @socket.on 'error', @on_socket_error 
    # - @socket.on 'close', @on_socket_close 
    eventualize this
  @on_socket_open = (err, handle) ->
    console.log 'The socket is open'
  @on_socket_data = (err, data) ->
    console.log 'Received new data'
  @on_socket_error = (err, message) ->
    console.log "Error: #{message}"
  @on_socket_close = (err) ->
    console.log 'Socket closed'
  • tell us about an idea for a new feature: https://github.com/kevgo/eventualize/issues
  • praise or feedback: https://github.com/kevgo
  • set up the development environment on your machine: npm install
  • run tests: npm test
  • compile a new release: grunt release
  • contribute some changes: unit-tested pull requests please! :heart_eyes_cat: