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Browserify compatible fork of component/events.

Higher level dom event management with direct and delegate event handling support.

This component makes subscription management easy and unobtrusive since it does not muck with your view prototypes. Unbinding to "clean up" after your view is as simple as invoking, or more specific unbinds may be performed.

It's design to work with a "host" object, typically a view, that provides callbacks, making callback management much less tedious than libraries like jQuery.


$ npm install events-mixin


var events = require('events-mixin');
var el = document.querySelector('.user');
var view = new UserView(el);
function UserView(el) { = events(el, this);'click .remove', 'remove');'click .hide', 'hide');
UserView.prototype.remove = function(){
  // remove the user 
UserView.prototype.hide = function(){
  // hide the view 
UserView.prototype.destroy = function(){
  // clean up anything you need to;


Events(el, obj)

Initialize a new events manager targetting the given element. Methods are delegated to obj.

Events#bind(event, [method])

Bind direct event handlers or delegates with event and invoke method when the event occurs, passing the event object. When method is not defined the event name prefixed with "on" is used.

For example the following will invoke onmousedown, onmousemove, and onmouseup:


Alternatively you may specify the method name:

events.bind('click', 'toggleDisplay')

To use event delegation simply pass a selector after the event name as shown here:

events.bind('click .remove', 'remove')
events.bind('click .close', 'hide')

You may bind to the same element with several events if necessary, for example here perhaps .remove() does not manually invoke .hide():

events.bind('click .remove', 'remove')
events.bind('click .remove', 'hide')
events.bind('click .close', 'hide')

Addition arguments are passed to the callee, which is helpful for slight variations of a method, for example sorting:

events.bind('click .sort-asc', 'sort', 'asc')
events.bind('click .sort-dsc', 'sort', 'dsc')

There is also a shorthand syntax for binding multiple events with one call:

  'click .remove': 'remove',
  'click .close': 'hide'

Events.unbind([event], [method])

There are three flavours of unbinding -- you may unbind all event handlers, all specific to event, or all specific to event and the given method. For example these are all valid:

events.unbind('click', 'remove')
events.unbind('click', 'hide')