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eventqueue that accepts event handlers that get fired on a certain events. supports the supplementary invocation of event handlers that are bound after the event has been fired


The eventedQueue collects jobs in the form of callbacks supplied with an arbitrary number of arguments. When the queue is triggered, the jobs will be executed.

var EventedQueue = require('../');
var myQueue = EventedQueue();
var job = function(name) {
    console.log('job ' + name + ' executed');
myQueue.push(job, 'foo');
myQueue.push(job, 'bar');
myQueue.push(job, 'bax');
setTimeout(function() {
}, 1000);

Creates a new eventedQueue that accepts jobs and can be triggered to execute these jobs.

The optional parameter autoRelock specifies if the queue should trigger jobs, that are subsequently pushed after the queue has been triggered, automatically. default: false

Adds a new job to the eventedQueue. An arbitrary number of parameters can be supplied and are optional.

Triggers the queue and causes all enqueued jobs to be executed.

If autoRelock is set to false via the relock command the queue can be set to enque jobs again.

Returns the number of enqueued jobs.

An optional callback that is called when the queue is emptied.