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An append only event log with streaming support


An event-log is currently coupled to mongo and backed by two collection. A capped real time collection of events and a historic collection.

You configure the event log with a time to live, this means that the event log will keep events in memory for that period of time. If you try to read() from the log for any events older then - timeToLive it will not return them.

The event log is designed for real time events and should be used in combination with snapshots, i.e. you read the recent state from a concrete snapshot and merge in real time data from the event log on the fly, preferably in the browser.

var eventLog = require("event-log")
/* get a mongoDB guy somehow */
var db = someMongoDb
db.createCollection("event-log.realtime", {
    capped: true
    , size: 100000
}, function (err, res) {
    /* ensure that the real time collection is capped */
    /* this allows us to use tailable cursors */
var realtimeCollection = db.collection("event-log.realtime")
var rawCollection = db.collection("event-log")
var log = eventLog(realtimeCollection, {
    timeToLive: 60 * 60 * 1000 /* HOUR */
    , rawCollection: rawCollection
/* each piece of data being added MUST have a timestamp */
log.add("event-type", {
    /* some data */
}, function (err, record) {
    // inserted data 
/* infinite stream of data */
var stream = - 1000)
stream.on("data", function (item) {
    /* item from event log */


npm install event-log


  • Raynos

MIT Licenced