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A package management system for node.

WARNING: Eve is in development and has not passed testing. DO NOT USE IN LIVE ENVIRONMENTS!


$ npm install -g eve-pms

Quick Start

1 - Update

$ sudo eve environments

2 - Install

$ eve create

3 - Point Apache to deploy/admin

4 - Point Apache to deploy/web

5 - Install server dependencies

cd deploy/server
$ npm install

6 - Watch the folder

$ eve


  • Event driven packages
  • Built in file watcher
  • Built in JSHint
  • Built in Mocha
  • Built in Scaffolding
  • Pre-defined admin layout
  • Pre-defined form field and UI blocks
  • Handlebars templating
  • RESTable/OAUTH2
  • Loose definition of packages

Why ?

Mainly used to address a problem we had at Openovate Labs. I needed a library to address end-to-end package reusage. Why build the same register/login form over and over for different projects ? Why do admin interfaces need to look different from each other ? Why does testing need to change across projects ? (Not the actual test files...)


Packages in Eve are different from npm packages. Packages in Eve are more like mini apps in your project that surround a particular object like a post. A post package in Eve is plug and play with the REST, admin and general front end usage pre built in. Packages in Eve should be developed as independant from each other as best as possible.

Generating a Package

  1. As an example copy the post folder in schema to the package folder.
  2. In terminal type eve generate post
  3. In terminal type eve
  4. In your browser go to [YOUR ADMIN URL]/post

Generating a Relation

  1. As an example copy the post folder in schema to the package folder.
  2. Also copy the user folder in schema to package folder.
  3. Also copy the post_user folder in schema to the package folder.
  4. In terminal type eve generate post_user
  5. In terminal type eve generate post
  6. In terminal type eve
  7. In your browser go to [YOUR ADMIN URL]/post/update/1 you should see a tab called Users

CLI Commands

 eve                          - Alias for "eve watch all"
 eve database                 - Adds a database to build.json
 eve remove [name]            - removes package from deploys
 eve map                      - updates all maps
 eve create                   - Alias for "eve install all"
 eve create/web [name]        - Installs web only
 eve create/admin [name]      - Installs admin only
 eve create/server [name]     - Installs server only
 eve deploy                   - deploys entire build to deploy folders
 eve watch                    - Alias for "eve watch all"
 eve watch [name]             - Watches changes in [name] only
 eve generate [name]          - Generates a package given the schema.json in that same folder
 eve relate [name]            - Generates a relational package given the schema.json in that same folder

Contibuting to Eve

Setting up your machine with the Eve repository and your fork

  1. Fork the main Eden repository (
  2. Fire up your local terminal and clone the MAIN EVE REPOSITORY (git clone git://
  3. Add your FORKED EDEN REPOSITORY as a remote (git remote add fork

Making pull requests

  1. Before anything, make sure to update the MAIN EVE REPOSITORY. (git checkout master; git pull origin master)
  2. Once updated with the latest code, create a new branch with a branch name describing what your changes are (git checkout -b bugfix/fix-server-post) Possible types:
    • bugfix
    • feature
    • improvement
  3. Make your code changes. Always make sure to sign-off (-s) on all commits made (git commit -s -m "Commit message")
  4. Once you've committed all the code to this branch, push the branch to your FORKED EVE REPOSITORY (git push fork bugfix/fix-server-post)
  5. Go back to your FORKED EVE REPOSITORY on GitHub and submit a pull request.
  6. Someone from our team will review your code and merge it in when it has been classified as suitable.




npm i eve-pms

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