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Eval - require() for module content!


This module is a simple way to evaluate a module content in the same way as require() but without loading it from a file. Effectively, it mimicks the javascript evil eval function but leverages Node's VM module instead.


Why would you be using the eval module over the nativerequire? Most of the time require is fine but in some situations, I have found myself wishing for the following:

  • Ability to supply a context to a module
  • Ability to load the module file(s) from non node standard places

Or simply to leverage JavaScript's eval but with sandboxing.


It is published on node package manager (npm). To install, do:

npm install eval


var _eval = require('eval')
var res = _eval(content /*, filename, scope, includeGlobals */)

The following options are available:

  • content (String): the content to be evaluated
  • filename (String): optional dummy name to be given (used in stacktraces)
  • scope (Object): scope properties are provided as variables to the content
  • includeGlobals (Boolean): allow/disallow global variables (and require) to be supplied to the content (default=false)


var _eval = require('eval')
var res = _eval('var x = 123; exports.x = x')
// => res === { x: 123 } 
res = _eval('module.exports = function () { return 123 }')
// => res() === 123 
res = _eval('module.exports = require("events")', true)
// => res === require('events') 
res = _eval('exports.x = process', true)
// => res.x === process