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Calculate the Euclidean distance been two points in 2D/3D/nD space.

Euclidean Distance

euclidean-distance is a browserify-friendly npm module for calculating the Euclidean distance

between two vectors in n-dimensional space.

npm install euclidean-distance --save
var distance = require('euclidean-distance')
distance([0,0], [1,0])
// 1 
distance([0,0], [3,2])
// 3.605551275463989 
distance([-7,-4,3], [17, 6, 2.5])
// 26.004807247892 
distance([5,13,17,3,25,21,7,1], [20,26,7,5,28,3,23,10])
// 34.17601498127012 

For some purposes you may actually be looking for the square of the distance. For that, you can use:

var distanceSquared = require('euclidean-distance/squared')
distanceSquared([0,0], [2,0])
// 4 
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