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EarthTokens library

EarthTokens is a project based on Colored Coins using COLU SDK. It is intended to be a blockchain framework consisting of:

  1. Currency like Token operations
  2. Security Operations
  3. Trade sequencing

It is A thin wrapper to create standard token functions that can be used to build any token based Digital Currency with Contract details embedded as Smart Contracts. Goal is to have a Standardized Release Candidate proposal that can be improvised later on.

  • Core Developer(s): @codecakes Akul Mathur akul at earthbenign dot com
  • Maintainer(s): @codecakes Akul Mathur akul at earthbenign dot com


The Colu class interacts behind the scenes with:

    1. The ColoredCoins API: Issuing and Sending transactions and receiving 
        asset data from the Bitcoin network
    2. Financing transactions
    3. A local Bitcoin Wallet: Generating addresses and keys and 
        signing transactions

Note: Transaction fees and issuance costs are currently covered by Colu.

Access server side like this:

// etk.js
var etk = require("etkframework");

module.exports = etk;

To Serve on Client library like this:

Get Browserified- Long Version

npm install -g browserify
npm install --save-dev browserify-global-shim

You can add this in the package.json file:

"browserify-global-shim": {
        "colu": "Colu"

Then browserify like this:

browserify --s etk --ignore colu -t browserify-global-shim /path/to/etk.js > dest/to/etk.client.js

And add the colu client and etk client in your page:

  <script src="/path/to/colu.client.min.js" type="javascript/text">
  <script src="/path/to/et.client.js" type="javascript/text">

Serve Static File from a CDN/Server Short Version

Just copy this file to any CDN or static file server: /node_modules/etkframework/dist/et.client.js

This documentation is a self help guide at the time of writing. It is kept brief and precise and lengthy if and when needed.


The main goal is A decentralized Enterprise API framework that allows OEMs, IoT mfgs, SaaS developers, Banks and other organizations leverage upon it to securely build their apps over the blockChain in a couple of hours instead of months without getting into the nitty gritty blockChain details. And it's free.

Detailed goals are:

  1. Better Security model.
  2. Serverless Transactions and 0 knowledge encrypted Key storage;
  3. Fit with Hybrid Decentralized P2P Trade Exchange.
  4. Anonymous non-traceable P2P communication.
  5. Support for Unique ID verification using SMS and Colu AccessID;
  6. Using a citizen ID Metadata as credentials and secure password, user can register an account with banks with several sub-accounts under a Wallet.
  7. Account access using a single- or Multi-signature authentication;
  8. Render Remittance obsolete;
  9. Transfer token as a form of currency from anywhere to anywhere;
  10. Integrate with IoTs like SmartCards, RFIDs, trackable devices holding Tokenized Contracts or security tokens;
  11. Personalized Apps that have decentralized Transaction Ledger that User can access from anywhere;
  12. Better API structure to allow integration with Apps that are vendor-lock-in free;
  13. Many more yet to come.


Work In Progress under dev branch.


Install with npm:

npm install --save et


Coming soon.



From the repo root:

npm install
npm test

Access repository

I run on donations. Will appreciate you Tipping Me


npm i etkframework

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