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A Library for syncing state from contracts. Trigger Ethereum contract calls whenever there is a new block, matching event or by time interval. ether-state bundles calls with Multicall2 to reduce the amount of RPC calls and tries to reduce the amount of event listeners needed for all actions.

Originally designed for managing state in Svelte Kit Ethers Template.


  • [ ] Start using Multicall3
  • [ ] Add more default actions and action generators

Basic Usage

import { getDefaultProvider, formatEther, Interface, id, Log } from 'ethers';
import { EtherState, Actions, TriggerType } from 'ether-state';

const IERC20 = new Interface([
	'function totalSupply() external view returns (uint256)',
	'function balanceOf(address) external view returns (uint256)',
	'event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint256 value)',

// Check totalSupply of DAI every block, check balance of every DAI recipient on Transfer event
const actions: Actions[] = [
		trigger: {
			type: TriggerType.BLOCK
		input: () => [],
		call: {
			target: () => '0x6B175474E89094C44Da98b954EedeAC495271d0F', // DAI contract
			interface: IERC20,
			selector: 'totalSupply',
		output: (returnParams) => {
			console.log('DAI Total Supply:', formatEther(returnParams[0]));
		trigger: {
			type: TriggerType.EVENT,
			eventFilter: {
				address: '0x6B175474E89094C44Da98b954EedeAC495271d0F',
				topics: [id('Transfer(address,address,uint256)')]
		// Use the transfer recipient as the input param for balanceOf call
		input: (log: Log) => {
			const event = IERC20.decodeEventLog(
				`${event.from} sent ${formatEther(event.value)} DAI to ${
			return [];
		call: {
			target: () => '0x6B175474E89094C44Da98b954EedeAC495271d0F', // DAI contract
			interface: IERC20,
			selector: 'balanceOf',
		output: (returnParams) => {
			console.log('Recipents balance is now: ', formatEther(returnParams[0]), ' DAI');

const provider = getDefaultProvider();
const etherState = new EtherState(actions, provider);



Takes an array of Actions and manages calling contracts based on their triggers.

import { EtherState, Action, TriggerType } from 'ether-state';
import { getDefaultProvider } from 'ethers';

const provider = getDefaultProvider();
const actions: Action[] = [];

// Create instance
const etherState = new EtherState(actions, provider)

// Manually trigger contract calls to all actions with BLOCK trigger

// Destory instance, turn off all event listeners

Create new instance -new EtherState(actions: Action[], provider: Provider, options?: { customMulticallAddress?: string, populateTimeAndBlock?: boolean })

Manually Trigger Updates - EtherState.update(type: TriggerType.TIME | TriggerType.BLOCK) Triggers update calls to all Actions with trigger types of either TIME or BLOCK.

Stop Updates = EtherState.destroy() Removes all event listeners and stops all updates


There are 3 trigger types, BLOCK, TIME and EVENT.

Time actions are triggered by setInterval, set the interval amount in ms. Event actions are triggered by a matching ethers' EventFilter, the Log from the event filter and block is passed to the inputs method of the action.

enum TriggerType {

type BlockTrigger = { type: TriggerType.BLOCK }
type TimeTrigger = { type: TriggerType.TIME, interval: number }
type EventTrigger = { type: TriggerType.EVENT, eventFilter: EventFilter }


There are 3 variation of Action for the 3 different trigger types. They all include trigger, input, call and output with type specific parameters for the input and output functions.

The input function returns an array of input parameters for a contract function call. The output function gets passed the return value of the contract call as well as trigger specific data like the Log of an event triggered action. The call object defines the interface and function name to be called and a function that returns the contract address:

type ContractCall = {
	target: () => string
	interface: Interface
	selector: string

Variations of Actions

type BlockAction = {
	trigger: BlockTrigger
	input: (blockNumber: bigint) => Array<bigint | BytesLike | string | boolean>
	call: ContractCall
	output: (returnValues: Result, blockNumber: bigint) => unknown

type TimeAction = {
	trigger: TimeTrigger
	input: (currentTime: number) => Array<bigint | BytesLike | string | boolean>
	call: ContractCall
	output: (returnValues: Result, blockNumber: bigint) => unknown

type EventAction = {
	trigger: EventTrigger
	input: (log: Log, blockNumber: bigint) => Array<bigint | BytesLike | string | boolean>
	call: ContractCall
	output: (returnValues: Result, blockNumber: bigint, log: Log) => unknown




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