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Command line utility for dumping/restoring etcd.

This tool intentionally does not care for etcd's inner workings, it's sole purpouse is to dump/restore the state of database by dumping all it's key/value pairs to json and then restoring them back.

This is useful for version and server migrations.

I built it because I needed it.


npm install -g etcd-dump


Dumping :

$ etcd-dump dump
// outputs an etcd_dump.json

Restoring :

$ etcd-dump restore
Restored successfuly
// Reads in the etcd_dump.json and restores it's values to the DB

Help :

$ etcd-dump
  Usage: etcd-dump.js [options] [command]
    -h, --help              output usage information
    -V, --version           output the version number
    -f, --file [json_file]  Path to JSON dump file for dumping/storing