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Estimtest, experiment your website accessibility

Estimtest Core

Estimtest is an experimentation tool that simulates accessibility concerns. Accessibility is crucial, but unexpectedly, difficult to test.


Feel free to checkout the examples, or open an issue for support.

  • Apply the component as a sibling or child of a container. For example, as a child of <body></body>.
  • The estimtest-core element should cover up the entire screen in absolute position.

Load the component by importing it

<script type="module">
  import { defineCustomElements } from '';

Add the component

  experiments='[{"name": "Hello World", "description": "hello", "fontSize": 32}]'


Use HTML attributes to modify props.

active boolean - Whether to activate the Estimtest prompt. Having this as false still imports the library but does not use it. Look at the examples for sloppy implementations of fully removing Estimtest in production.

experiments { name: string, description: string, fontSize?: number, colorBlind?: ColorBlind, keyboardOnly?: boolean }[] - The experiments to be performed on the app. This is set by default to perform multiple standard tests of common accessibility problems. This field accepts an array of objects each with the properties:

  • name A quick ~15 letters title summarizing the test.
  • description A description explaining the test and why it's important. Supports Markdown (Commonmark-compliant).
  • fontSize The font size to set the page. Many users have difficulty reading text at the default font size, users fix this by increasing the default font size.
  • colorBlind A change of colors on the page reflecting what colorblind users may see.
  • keyboardOnly Many users may use keyboard navigation for a variety of reasons such as: Motor impairment, saving time, and more.

moveSelector string - An element selector containing the parent of where the element should be at. You could use this property in the event that your code does not permit you to place the element there.

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