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A UI Toolkit for React.js Websites and Apps

Currently under development; built by @domadams

See for examples and documentation.


You can install essential-ui using npm:

npm install essential-ui --save

Browser Support

  • Chrome (mobile and desktop)
  • Safari (mobile and desktop)
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10 and up


Once you have installed essential-ui as a dependency you can import it into the component you want to use it in. You can then use this in your JSX like any other component

import {Button} from 'essential-ui';
class SimpleComponent extends React.Component {
        return (
                <Button size="lg" type="primary" text="Hello!" />
export default SimpleComponent;

Getting Started for Developers

Prerequisites Please ensure that you have Node.js v4.1.x installed once this is installed upgrade npm ($ npm install -g npm). Then install gulp globally ($ npm install -g gulp)

To get started fork this repository, clone it, then simply install the dependencies:

$ npm install

Should you want to run the site locally move into the site directory and install the dependencies:

$ npm install

Then you can run:

$ gulp && node .